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All our stocks are kettle-cooked and made in the traditional way. They are not concentrated and you can taste the freshness. All soups come in a frozen form and contain little to no preservatives.


Chicken bone stock, resulting in a rich milky white soup. You can add 3 times the amount of water that we suggest without degrading the taste. It's a very versatile stock. BRIX9.5

Bowl recommendations: Chicken Paitan(white soup) Ramen, Miso Ramen and many more.


Stock-based clear soup. Simmering chicken and pork gives you a clear liquid stock.
Bowl recommendations: Shoyu Ramen & Chuka Soba(Chinese noodle soup).


Pork bone stock, resulting in a white milky soup. BRIX10
Bowl recommendations: Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen as is or add 2 times the amount of water.


100% pork based stock. This is the richest and creamiest of all the stocks and can be diluted more than other types, you could cut the overall cost per bowl. Despite its richness, the distinctive pork fat smell is eliminated during the production and it can be enjoyed by more people. BRIX12 


Pork and Chicken bone, resulting in a white milky stock. BRIX10 Bowl recommendations: Tonkotsu Ramen or Yokohama Ie-Kei Ramen.


Vegetable base, clear stock. We slowly simmered to extract as much flavor as possible. Using only vegetables, konbu seaweed and dried shiitake. Contains NO animals, dairy or eggs.

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