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Sauce is one of the important ingredients to bring your ramen bowl together. Our sauces are free of preservatives or artificial sweeteners; you can enjoy natural umami flavors. There are infinite varieties to make your own special bowl with pairing our stocks and sauces.


Soy sauce base, infused with dried sardines.


MSG free soy sauce.


Pork based soy sauce.
Great for Chuka Soba(Chinese noodle soup), Ie-Kei Ramen.


Soy sauce for Jiro-style Ramen. Our G-Sauce has a characteristic flavor and it goes very well with Jiro Ramen.


Salt base sauce made from kombu seaweed and fish sauce.


Fish based tsukemen(dipping noodle) sauce. You can easily make flavorful rich tsukemen sauce with our T-Sauce.


Soy sauce base. This sauce has mild flavors and is very versatile. Majority of people will enjoy it.


More than 20 ingredients are added to make our miso. It turns your soup into rich and complex flavor umami bomb.

Spicy Miso

Several spices are added to our original miso, giving your ramen a nice spicy kick.

Spicy Booster

This spicy sauce contains the hottest pepper in the world. It’s very potent hence you only need a little bit. The sauce gives your ramen a “clean” spiciness without interfering other flavors.


Spicy oil with chunky garlic and red pepper. Nice addition for a touch of spiciness and aroma. The sauce can be used not only for ramen but almost anything.

Black Garlic

The sauce turns ramen soup beautiful black. Rich garlic aroma, favor and the visual
impact are nice additions to your ramen bowl.

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