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We are dedicated to providing you the best and the freshest noodles. We take freshness seriously; our noodles contain only the minimal amount of preservatives and additives.


Noodle with high water content. Our A-Noodle contains egg, it has smooth texture and rich in flavor.
Great for: Chuka Soba(Chinese noodle soup), Sapporo Miso Ramen,
Hiyashi Chuka(Cold noodles)


Noodle with medium water content. This versatile noodle has an appetizing bright yellow hue and does not get soggy fast after cooking. It goes well with many types of ramen.Great for: All Kinds


Noodle with low water content. This noodle is made from hard flour; therefore, the texture is less springy and easy to cut when eating. Preferably paired with pork based soup. Great for: Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen


Noodle with medium water content. It is made with semi-high and high gluten flour. It has moderate chewiness and flexibility. This noodle goes well with many types of ramen. Great for: Yokohama Ie-Kei Ramen.


Noodle with high water content. Our E-noodle is vegan friendly and containing no animal products. It gives you a different impression just by changing the thickness.Great for: All kindsShoyu Ramen


Noodle with high water content. Udon wheat flour is added to create extra chewiness.This thick noode is great for: Tsukemen


Noodle with medium water content. It has a stronger wheat taste due to the absence of alkaline water. It's gentle on the tongue and doesn’t interfere with flavors of soup. Great for: Pasta


This noodle was created for Jiro Ramen but can be used for Tsukemen. Bread flour and hard flour were used to create extra chewiness. It doesn't get soggy fast after cooking. Great for: Jiro Ramen, Tsukemen


This noodle contains the highest amount of water out of all our noodles. Udon wheat flour is added to create springy chewiness and slightly wavy shape gives the noodle unique characteristics. Great for: Kitakata RamenSyoyu Ramen


Egg noodle with low water content.(Thin) Great for: Chuka Soba(Medium Thick) Great for: Tonkotsu Ramen


Medium water content noodle. Wheat flavor is stronger in Y-Noodle compare to our D-Noodle. This noodle goes well with rich broth. Great for: Tonkotsu Ramen


Noodle with medium water content. Spinach gives its noodle vibrant green color. You can taste the flavor of the fresh leafy greens and a bit of earthiness. This waved noodle with thin to medium thickness can be served both hot or cold and with any type of ramen. It will appeal to many people including health-conscious consumers.

Great for: All Kinds

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