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About Us

It all started as a small ramen manufacturing company in Kyoto, Japan in 1970.

Today, Takara Japan, continues to produce fresh quality ramen to customers throughout Japan. As the company grew, Takara expanded overseas; 3 factories in Asia and 1 in USA.


Takara Ramen Inc. was established in Gardena, CA in 2010 with a mission to spread an authentic taste of Japan in USA. We refuse to compromise on quality and authenticity even outside of Japan. Our noodles, soups and ramen sauces are produced daily. All the products contain little to no preservatives and additives; you taste the freshness and natural umami flavors in every bite.


Our goal is to exceed all your Ramen needs. Takara is the past, present, and future of ramen.

Making Takara Ramen Inc. the Ultimate Ramen Company.

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